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From one of our Partner Agencies

How does the United Way Help CJAC?

The Children’s Justice & Advocacy Center (CJAC) is a private nonprofit organization that serves victims of child abuse and their families in Cowlitz & Wahkiakum counties. Our child-friendly center and our staff serve as first responders in allegations of all types of child maltreatment. Since our inception in 2009, we have provided acute crisis response services to over 1,300 families in our community. CJAC ensures that each child victim receives access to timely medical examinations, medical treatment, and mental health treatment. CJAC also provides education and professional training and no cost to our community.

We have been a partnering agency of the United Way for the past several years, and the support of the United Way has been invaluable to the fulfillment of our mission. Many people do not realize all of the ways in which the United Way impacts our community, as it can be difficult to quantify the myriad of positive effects that ripple through our community as a result of the United Way. The following are just a few examples of how the United Way impacts our provision of services:

  • Putting service into action: The United Way inspires people to take action, mobilizes volunteers, and connects citizens with service providers in our community. Some of our core volunteers and supporters are individuals who first learned of CJAC via their participation in the Day of Caring activities.
  • Collaboration and shared resources: The United Way encourages synergy among our community’s service providers, thereby extending the impact of their financial support. Our collaborative approach and partnerships are what enables us to accomplish the immense scope of our work with limited financial resources. For example, CJAC partners with victim advocacy professionals, medical professionals, and mental health providers to help children heal from trauma. The United Way’s support of CJAC impacts each of these partnering agencies indirectly.
  • Stability and longevity: Our dedicated staff and volunteers believe very strongly in the work that we perform on CJAC. It is important to us to ensure that our services and operations are financially solvent for the foreseeable future. The United Way has helped provide us with financial stability during the formative years of our organization. With the United Way’s support, we have transitioned from a humble grassroots startup to a stable entity in a short period of time.

We are extremely grateful for and proud of our partnership with the United Way of Cowlitz & Wahkiakum counties. We wouldn’t be able to accomplish the entirety of our work without their support.

Charlie Gourde, Executive Director of CJAC